This Teenager Asked A Girl To Prom And Then Made Her Dress From Scratch.

The prom is without a doubt one of the biggest and most exciting social events for high school students. Awards are handed out, a Prom King and Prom Queen are crowned, everyone is documenting everything with photos and videos… it’s no surprise that the kids really want to make sure they look their absolute best for the milestone event.

So for girls, when it comes time to choose a prom dress, it’s absolutely no joke! There are so many different styles to choose from, so much so that the decision can be incredibly overwhelming. And of course, there’s the matter of cost. All those gorgeous designer dresses are typically well beyond the budget of mere mortals, nevermind average high school students. So what to do?

18-year-old Jimelle Levon has turned this predicament into an incredible opportunity. You see, Jimelle once lived in a homeless shelter with his mother and refused to ever go back to that life. That motivation has helped Jimelle develop an incredible work ethic, working jobs since the 6th grade! But when Jimelle was 14, he learned to sew and it wasn’t long before he turned his bedroom into a “Sewing Lab.” Next thing he knew, he was selling hand-made custom prom dresses to his fellow students for $300 to $450! Demand has been so high that he had to quit his two other jobs to focus on his dress business full-time. Not surprisingly, this very talented and hardworking young man will be attending Clask Atlanta University to study business and fashion.

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