This Adventurous Cat Has Seen Things Most Humans Only Dream Of

When someone tells you that their cat is an outdoor cat, they probably just mean that she hangs around the backyard for a couple hours per day, perhaps wandering over to the neighbor’s yard to beg for some extra treats. But there’s one cat named Millie that takes the title of “outdoor cat” to a whole new level. In fact, she probably spends more time in the wilderness than the majority of American humans.

This is Millie.

This is her dad, Craig Armstrong. He likes to explore the deserts, canyons, and mountains of Utah.

Armstrong always knew that once he adopted a furry friend, she’d tag along on his climbing adventures…

And when this baby climbed onto his shoulders at the adoption center, he knew she was the one.

It took a bit of training to acclimate Millie to the long weekend adventures.

Armstrong started out in local parks, dashing from tree to tree, teaching her to stay close.

He makes sure that she is always safe, whether he is leading the way or vice versa.

Armstrong gave hiking with Millie a special name: catting.

You have to forget your own agenda and be ready to explore on a smaller, slower scale, as cats are wont to take their sweet time checking out every detail.

It’s a great way to really appreciate the world that surrounds us from a whole new perspective.

But just because she occasionally takes it slow doesn’t mean Millie can’t also do the big jumps and steep ledges with the best of them.

I mean, you won’t catch me doing this anytime soon!

…Even at home she can’t stop looking for the highest ground.

She has all of her own gear, all customized and ensured for safety by her rope-savvy dad.

Armstrong makes sure that Millie always has a safe shelter in his pack or under his puffy jacket in case dogs or strange humans cross their path.

She’s seen some spots that a lot of humans only witness in photos.

…And her adventures make the post-hike naps that much sweeter.

Millie is one very special kitty with an equally special dad.

Not many people would have the patience to train a cat to do what Millie does…

But…is it Armstrong that trains Millie, or Millie that trains Armstrong?

After all, she can reach some spots that Armstrong only wishes he could.

Cat or flying squirrel?

These two are pretty much inseparable, sharing a unique bond that very few humans get to have with their animals.

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