Mom Leaves 6-Year-Old Alone With Newborn, Comes Back To Her Son Singing Lullaby To The Baby

I grew up with a brother. I now have a stepsister, as well, but I was already an adult when my father remarried. We are close, but not in the way that siblings that grew up together are close.

Siblings that share a childhood will have a similar experience that no one else will ever be able to understand completely. You may tell your friends or significant other about those long road trips and family vacations, but it was your sibling (or siblings) that rode in the backseat of the car with you. Only your sibling will remember the late nights you spent in blanket forts or what it was like to share a bedroom. A sibling experienced your favorite holiday and knew your favorite toys. A sibling knows what it’s like to fight but to make up because you know that you will always be family.

As the younger sibling, I know what it is like to have an older brother who was my protector, confidante, and the one who tested things out on my parents. I can’t imagine having grown up without him by my side.

The newborn in this video is already learning what it’s like to have a big brother who is his devoted best friend. When Mom leaves the baby alone with his brother, it is only moments before he is in his brother’s arms and the older child is singing him a sweet song.

“I like your eyes. I like your nose. I like your mouth, your ear, your hand, your toes,” he sang.

At one point, the new older brother looked up and realized his mom was watching, but that didn’t stop him from finishing the sweet lullaby to his younger sibling.

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“There’s no one, no one exactly like you,” he sang to his brother.

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