Man Scolds Guilty Dog, Bursts Into Laughter At Dog’s Apology


As all pet owners know, animals are a huge blessing in our lives. Their unconditional love can brighten our spirits on the worst of days, and their silly antics bring us joy when we least expect it.

Even those with the coldest heart might find resisting such an adorable look almost impossible. This video of a dog and its owner is just another proof of how incredibly cute dogs can be when apologizing for their offense.

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This clip shows and heartwarming interaction between Ettore and his owner Antonio Federica. Although the man spoke Italian in the video, translation made available by someone at Rumble revealed that Ettore was being scolded for an offense he had committed. While it is unclear what exactly he had done wrong, it was obvious that he was guilty and he knew it.

But as Antonio continues to scold his dog, the dog goes into “full apologetic mode” and that is when everything starts to turn adorable all of sudden. The canine starts by burrowing his head into Antonio’s chest while he chided him on.

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand,” says Antonio.

As if to respond to the question, Ettore crawls into Antonio’s lap and makes eye contact with him before nuzzling him further.

At this point, the dog’s show of remorse must have gotten to you so much that you are probably wondering why it is taking so long for Antonio to forgive him. But the man is probably used to his dog’s cute gimmicks already and keeps up the stern face.

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“You are wrong, Ettore. Ettore you are wrong,” this time more gently. “Do you understand where you made the mistake? Do you understand?” he prods the dog further.

via Youtube

Ettore keeps using his puppy wiles on Antonio, trying to woe him and persuade Dad to forgive him. Puppy-dog eyes aren’t working.

Cuddling isn’t working. What’s a naughty dog to do?

When all of his ploys don’t work, Ettore ups the ante and does something so cute it’s impossible for Anthony to stay upset. Finally, Anthony gives in and excuses Ettore’s behavior.

See this adorable dog’s precious antics in the video below – no wonder this has gone viral!

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