Elderly man calls 911 and says he hasn’t eaten in 2 days. Cops stock his pantry for a month

There is a lot of tension in the media right now when it comes to the topic of officers. While all the negative experiences people have with the police force are being highlighted, many news outlets fail to highlight the positive experiences. That’s why at Shareably we’re focused on delivering you uplifting stories. Not all police officers are bad, and many of them go above and beyond the call of duty for their community. Take the story below as an example.

A group of police officers in Tennessee made headlines when they used money from their own pockets to help an elderly man in their community.

One night back in January 2016, a police precinct received a call from an elderly man. He had a unique request for the officers. No, the man wasn’t in danger nor was he hurt.

He was hungry – he hadn’t eaten in 2 days – and he asked if the officers could bring him food. At 79-years-old, this man was robbed of his debit card by a former caretaker. As a result, he barely had any funds.

Without much hesitation, the officers from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, a small, close-knit town of around 5,000 people, headed over to the old man’s apartment.

The officers brought the man enough food to stock his pantry for a month. The officers, identified as Officers Gray, Odom, Runion, and Bolton, took $160 from their own pockets to help buy the man food.

The kindness didn’t just end there. They also set up a canned goods drive for the man, so the community could help pitch in and contribute. They also found the fraudulent caretaker and arrested her for taking advantage of the old man.

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