Dog Adopted But Has Returned To Shelter 11 Times. But Then They Finally Realize Why

His name is Gumby. This white hound could not find a place to call his forever home.

Every time he would run away from his new home and then would end up back at the shelter.

Gumby was indeed unique. The Charleston Animal Society said he had “Houdini” gifts.

The organization picked up Gumby back in 2014 when he was a stray. Someone ended up adopting him, but it only lasted three days. He was brought back to the CAS, where he was later adopted again. This time it lasted six days. He kept escaping and continued to be brought back.

While back at the shelter, he once again became adopted for a third time. This owner returned him, twice. There were other incidents where an animal control officer and a good Samaritan brought Gumby back to the CAS when he was found on the streets.

Gumby continued to escape from all his new owners. The shelter still was not going to give up on him though.

It was 2015, and three more times he was taken in but still made his way back to the CAS! All in all it was a total of 11 times since 2014 that he had returned to the shelter.

Out of these incidents, three times he was on the street and returned, and eight times the would-be new parents returned him.

The seventh adoption was successful though.

Turns out the staff finally decided to just give in and keep Gumby there at the CAS. Ever since, he has rarely tried to escape.

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It seems as this is where he wanted to be all along. He fit in and was comfortable at the shelter. He even got the title of personal assistant to the center’s Behavior Team Leader, Donya Satriale.

He actually has a gift of helping other pets at the shelter with anxiety issues. This is what the shelter had to say:

“(Gumby) seemed to have a natural ability to read the emotions of other dogs.”

He’s helped with cats too! He has actually helped sheltered cats with bad eye conditions. He became a blood donor for them.

The CAS said the following:

“We draw his blood every two weeks extract the white blood cells from his blood and administer to the kittens eyes! (Healing eye drops) The serum from his blood has healing properties!”

Now Gumby is settled in and happy. He has hung up his escape artist ways and is now giving his love to the other animals in the shelter who really need it.

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