Black Eyed Peas Re-Release 13-Year-Old Song And Inspire Music Industry In The Process

Watching the news, reading the news, or even scrolling through your social media can be a frightening prospect these days. When I’m watching, reading, or scrolling, I’m constantly afraid of the “Breaking News” headline popping up. Unfortunately, these days, that rarely means something is good.

The Unites States and the entire world is more divisive than ever and it’s easy to forget all of the positive things and only focus on the negativity that surrounds us. As individuals and a society, it’s important now, more than ever to come together in kindness and respect, and to rediscover that common human ground that we all share. Despite our may differences, we are all citizens of this earth and rediscovering this human connection and love for one another may be the key to unlocking a path towards peace and positivity.

Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas remembers something his grandmother told him right after 9/11 that we all need to hear: “My grandma said a prayer and said that we shouldn’t stay at home afraid, when you’re being called on to do as much healing as you can, with the gift that was given to us.”

13 years after its first release, The Black Eyed Peas are re-recording “Where is the Love” again. They hope to inspire the newer, younger generation of millennials to be a powerful force for good and to change the current tides of hate and negativity.

“The millennials are powerful. I don’t think they realize just how powerful they are. You’ve got to do your part in whatever capacity because you’re representing your generation.”

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While the younger generation may have the ability to change the world for future generations, each of us has within us the power to change what is happening today. Be kind and love your fellow man.

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