Baby Sees Her Mom’s Face Clearly For The First Time. Her Reaction Is Delightful

Babies are not born with clear vision. In the first 3 months, infants cannot see much beyond 8 to 10 inches from their faces- the perfect distance to gaze up at mom or dad while being lovingly cradled. Then, as their muscles develop so does their vision and eye-movement control. They begin to better judge distances and make progress in grasping at objects they see. By 9-12 months, a baby should be able to coordinate their eyes and hands together.

It is just before or during this stage that parents are encouraged to take their babies in for an eye exam. The optometrist will check for vision acuity, eye movement ability and any other issues related to eye health. Much of a baby’s early development is dependent upon their exposure to stimulus, and most parents rely on audio-visual stimulus in the early months of infancy. Should a baby have any issues with vision, early detection can help parents adjust or start corrective measures.

At 10 months old, baby Piper got her first set of glasses. Watch as she sees the details of her mom and dad’s faces clearly for the first time. Even at this young age, she knows this is a special moment. Suddenly she sees so much more detail to study on the faces of the two people she adores most. Her joy is palpable and you can’t help but smile along with her.

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