Abused Dog Cries When She Finally Has A Kind Hand Touch Her

While animal abuse is terrible to hear about and sadly so prevalent in the world, it’s always important to bring awareness to the existing problem, while showing what can happen when animals are rescued, and the total joy they experience. This makes it clear how important it is to rescue animals and go to shelters when you are looking for a pet. Even if you are not looking, these stories will encourage you to start looking! Really, the joy felt from having a pet is unmatched. Especially a shelter animal.

Here’s a story of a badly abused dog who was neglected, but now gets to experience love for the first time. And boy is it something else! What a joy! While it might be challenging to watch at first, the reward, and the lesson, at the end is worth it. This dog is so relieved that love indeed does exist in the world and life is not all about suffering.

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