Woman Goes Off On Hilarious Rant After “Hot” Cop Pulls Her Over

For years, people from all walks of life have tried to hone in on a solution to violence in the world. Fortunately, the time has come when we can all stop scratching our heads because comedian Jennifer Jermany has found the answer: more cops. Well, more hot cops.

She was driving with her friend, Brandy Adams, who is also a comedian, when they were pulled over — and that’s when they got the first glimpse of the officer approaching their car. Fortunately, the interaction was filmed and posted on Facebook.

“You are the hottest cop that I have ever been pulled over by,” Jermany told the officer, adding that he was not only attractive but “so respectful” and “so nice.”

While her friend was cracking up from what was presumably the passenger seat, Jermany expressed her gratitude for how the officer communicated what he needed from her, while he had the added bonus of being “hot.”

“If the police department hired more hot police officers, we wouldn’t have violence anymore,” she said. “Cause all you would do is do what you did, just walk over, and say ‘Hey lemme see your license and ID please,’ and do that smile right there.”

The officer smiled and laughed along, and Jermany added, “You could bring peace to the Middle East.”

At the end of the hilarious encounter, the officer shook her hand, thanked her for the compliment and the video cuts out, but not before Jermany can ask the question that so many women before her have asked: “Do you have a brother?”

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“Right This Minute” identified the cop in the video as Officer Scott Schrieffer, who, unfortunately, is married. During an interview with the show, Jermany and Adams admitted they didn’t end up getting a ticket.

Watch below:

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