When Her Head Hit The Pavement, They Knew She’d Die… Then A Stranger Came To Her Bed

Taylor Hale was just 14 years old when her life was forever changed. In just the blink of an eye, what began as a fun outing with friends turned into a night she’ll never forget.

But now, the Hale family is counting their blessings — and they’re giving their thanks to one moment they say changed everything.

It’s amazing stories like this that prove that medicine and science — though life-saving and tremendously important — can’t explain everything. Some things will always defy logic.

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When 14-year-old Taylor Hale’s family gathered around her in the hospital room, it was to kiss her goodbye. She was brain-dead and doctors said she wouldn’t be returning. Their little girl was gone.


It all began after Waukee High School’s first football game of the season. Taylor was hanging out in the driveway of a friend’s house, laughing and having a good time.


When one teen in the group decided to head home, Taylor and another friend jokingly tried to stop him. They sat on the hood of his car and told him to stay. In good fun, he backed up a bit — but that was all it took for Taylor’s whole life to change.


She fell and struck her head on the pavement, hard. Friends began to panic when she didn’t move. Taylor was rushed to the hospital, where she was put under a medically induced coma. Doctors said she would never wake up; she had suffered a brain hemorrhage, and part of her brain had sunk into her spinal canal. It was over for the young teen.


That’s when Jeff Stickel entered her life and changed everything. A chiropractor and devout Christian, Jeff heard Taylor’s story and had wanted to visit her. But when he walked into her hospital room and saw her condition, he decided against working on her. But before leaving, he asked the Hales if they would join him in a prayer. Jeff placed his hand on the unconscious teen’s neck, and the family bowed their heads. That afternoon, Taylor’s life support was going to be turned off.


But when doctors removed her life support, something shocking happened: Taylor began to gasp for breath. Her eyes fluttered; she mumbled and struggled to speak. Doctors reconnected her life support in total disbelief.


What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Taylor, considered brain-dead by all of medicine and science, was awake. Her family stopped planning her funeral and organ donation, and instead began scheduling rehab. “It was the hand of God at work,” Taylor’s father told USA Today. “That’s the only thing that can explain it.”


Taylor’s recovery was a long one, filled with many difficult challenges — like re-learning to walk and talk, and catching up on lost days at school. But without a doubt, the biggest obstacle was her lack of memory: Prior to her near-fatal accident, everything is a blur. All memories from her childhood have been erased.


But despite that, Taylor has fought her way back to life, and she’s proudly thriving as a normal teen. She’s learned how to drive, she attended prom, and she’s going to graduate on time with the rest of her class.


But despite all the challenges she’s faced — and is still facing — Taylor will always look back on her recovery as “The hand of God.” Now, this brave girl is more determined than ever to live a happy, successful life. “I’m not a person who is going to quit because I can’t do something,” Taylor said. “I don’t give up.”


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