Veteran Has PTSD Attack In Middle Of Interview. But Then His Service Dog Jumps To His Rescue.

Life is a precious gift in which we can live, love, explore and feel a sense of belonging and safety. And those who embrace every single day as if it were their last, have the ability to feel the full beauty that life really does have to offer. Whether you’re passionate about your career, a loved one, a hobby, or even a talent, it’s one the most magical things to see people doing what they love.

For Erik Scott, serving his country proved to be one of his biggest passions and commitments in life. But naturally, this endeavour comes at a price. You see, after spending 16 years in active duty, Erik now faces the dreaded effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

And despite the fact that he has a loving family, he is still ridden with crippling attacks and bad dreams due to the men and women that were lost while fighting. During an interview he said, “I woke up numerous times, hitting my wife for her just laying there or just in a cold sweat”.

For that reason, he was given a service dog by the name of Gumbo, a black lab who has the ability to sense Erik’s emotions and help relieve him of stress. In fact, while Erik talks of his experiences, his body begins to tense up and one can actively see Gumbo in action, helping his best friend through the pain. It is truly an amazing occurrence to witness.

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