Single Mom Lives In A Homeless Shelter. When Her Boss Does This, She DROPS

Angel showed up at her job like she did every day. But today she had to train a new associate. This was different because they had cameras filming, supposedly as part of a documentary they were making about the company she worked at, Modell’s. Things were not as they seemed though. It turns out, unknown to Angel, that the associate she was training, was actually the CEO of the company! Mitchell Modell was going undercover. To do so he needed to shave his head and grow a mustache. This was all part of the TV show, Undercover Boss, where the goal is to have a CEO experience what it is like actually working for their own company. While once in a while someone ends up getting fired for what is uncovered, oftentimes the CEO is the one who realizes he can do better when it comes to employee treatment.

Angel proceeded to give CEO Mitchell a pep talk. This is what caused Mitchell to break.

Angel confesses the following to Mitchell:

“I love this job… but it hasn’t always been this way.”

It turns out Angel lost her old job as a restaurant manager when she became pregnant. She was 25 at the time.

“We’ve been homeless for a long time. We live in a shelter now. It doesn’t matter, though. I don’t want you to feel sad for me.”

She didn’t realize this shaved haired associate-in-training was a man of power. She was basically telling the guy in charge that she loves her job, but still has to live in a shelter because she can’t afford housing from working here.

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Mitchell got the message and was appalled and embarrassed that his own company wasn’t even paying enough for his employee to put a roof over her head.

There’s a huge surprise in store for Angel. First he reveals who he is. Next, he gives her a raise. A $14,000 raise. Then he gives Angel a tax-free check. The check is for $250,000. Angel falls to the ground and displays one of the most heartfelt and blown away reactions ever.

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