Pup Is Devastated When Her Newborns Die In Fire. Then They Show Her A Litter Of Orphans.

While some may agree that they’re not made for mother or fatherhood, others simply love the idea of bringing a child into this world. And when an adorable pup named Daisy gave birth to eight stunning little pups, it was decided for sure that she was completely ready to be a mother. Her face lit up and she was completely in awe of her little ones. But then, something tragic happened.

On February 20 2017, Daisy’s owner Jessica Woodruff experienced something catastrophic when her barn caught on fire in Roseberg, Oregon. Jessica not only lost four goats and one pig, but also Daisy’s litter of pups.

As the flames began, Jessica ran to the barn but no no avail—the flames had spread and it was impossible for her to go inside. For that reason, she held Daisy back tightly, as the new-mother wanted only to run inside the barn to rescue her litter.

After the fire, Daisy’s entire personality changed. She was severely depressed, she no longer wanted to smile, eat and play, but rather spent her time walking to the barn all by herself, only to whine outside the entrance for her lost puppies. Jessica felt absolutely devastated and knew that she had to do something for poor Daisy.

For that reason, she went on Facebook and ask surrounding groups, friends and family, if anyone needed a home for their newborn pups. It was then that someone named Lorna Murphy wrote to Jessica. She explained that she had eight stunning puppies that needed a foster home because their mother had sadly passed away. Jessica jumped at the opportunity and adopted the eight cuties from Lorna.

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Since, Daisy has gotten some of her smile back and is happy to care for the puppies in need. What a fantastic ending to a heartbreaking story!

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